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Who we are?
We are a team that dedicated to create a better enviroment to help to grow your career, find a community to your own and respectful to your privacy.Meet the team
Our values
Security & Privacy
The key to create a better and a trustworthy environment must be based on the security and privacy of it’s users. You can see and learn how to keep your privacy secure.
In Lobox we care to be transparent about how we are handling the data that you are sharing with us. As we are not selling ads it means that your data is only stay in between you and us. No third-party can reach and process your personal information.
The true power of the social media platforms are users and the communities that makes them the real owners of it. We are aware of this fact and putting our users to top priority of everything.
Lobox is an emerging platform to focus on to create a better social media culture. We are always looking for a chance to grow bigger and represent everyone. If you wanna be a part of it, we would like to meet and talk what we can do together.
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